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Big Plans for 2020

The big news this month -- Rosie and Huckleberry are tickled to announce the birth of their second litter together; nine girls and one boy, born 1/24! And Sasha's not far behind. We're expecting her to mate with Huckleberry in March for another beautiful 3/4 English Golden litter come May/June. And on the horizon: Rosie's daughters from 2018, Abby and Layla, and our Irish Setter sisters, Gigi and Fiona, will all be cleared and ready for their first litters this Summer as well. We have boyfriends lined up and we're looking forward to welcoming another Golden litter, two Golden Irish litters, and our first Irish Setter litter in over two years. We're planning renovations on our 19th Century barn to accommodate all these new beings. Maybe I'll get around to posting photos as the work progresses...

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