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Shannon and a 6 week old
Shannon's second litter

Those of you who have already lived with Setters know how addictive their personalities are. A word of warning for folks reading this who are exploring the possibility of bringing a Setter into your family for the first time: If you look directly into their big almond eyes, you're gonna get hooked! I have observed that most of our Setter pups go home with people who have had Setters in the past and feel compelled to adopt another. Often these folks live with several Setters at once and are never long without one after the first. People travel distances and arrive here for pups from all over the Eastern U.S., unabashedly stating that they can't live without a Setter pup.

We now have five Setter sisters and our newer addition, Marcy, in our pack along with our handsome male, Charlie McTooth (pictured above) and, Charlie's young son, Miko, showing promise for siring a smaller Setter version. All of our Setters love having the space to run and are planning to stay. The endless number of belly rubs are helping with their decision!

As for all litters, we will be accepting $100 deposits toward puppies from anticipated, but not yet born, litters. Puppy choice is by specific gender, and is in the order that deposits are received. Our next Irish Setter litter is planned for July 2023 whelping.

Our Amazing Irish Setters

Floppy-Eared Companions or Enthusiastic Field Hunting Partners

Yes! Gigi's/Charlie's Boy, Albert, is ready for his forever home.  

Albert has spent the Winter in our home learning crate training, and off leash recall. He loves all the other dogs and people, but things are getting a bit crowded and he would like someone's undivided attention.
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