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Floppy Eared Companions

Golden Retriever Puppies

Glad You Ask...

Rosie and her daughter, Abby, each had small litters this time around, 4 and 5 pups. I thought, "Let's see what happens if they co-pare nt all nine pups." Well, You have never seen pups thrive like these pups have! There are a few available and ready to go home.


Our Goldens are AKC registered and have OFA or PennHip clearances. Rosie is a deep red/gold color. She has relatively short fur and, we find, sheds less than the lighter colored, longer coated Goldens that have become popular lately. Rosies daughters: Layla, 
Abby, and Nugget, span a color range and share Rosie's shorter, wavy coat quality. We now have a live-in boyfriend for my girls, deep red, affectionate Golden, Leo. Rosie, Abby, and Nugget have pups available, ready to go home.
 All of our girls are very even tempered and loving with just enough watch instinct to let you know when someone comes to the door.

Our Sasha is an English Golden Retriever. English Goldens are almost completely white! Sasha actually glows in the moonlight. We have bred Sasha to a native Vermont English Cream named Quincy. Their pups are due in April 2023.

Our puppies are kept secluded with mom in their whelping space for their first three weeks. Then mom and pups move together to larger quarters in our heated and air conditioned puppy barn. Those with reserved puppies are invited to visit or facetime on our puppy picking weekends, when the pups are 3-4 weeks old, to choose their specific puppy. The puppies stay here with their moms until they are eight weeks old. 

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