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Golden Irish Puppies

A New, Old Breed

Imagine your Irish Setter has a thicker undercoat for cold weather and your Golden Retriever sheds less, while preserving the radiant colors and dramatic feathering characteristic of both breeds.


Imagine your Golden Retriever is more active and alert while your Setter is more calm and cuddly.


Imagine your Golden Retriever can point game birds and your Irish Setter can retrieve water fowl. That may be a bit far fetched... (Chuck's kids would call that a dad joke), but you never know... I think the Golden Irish will excel in agility challenges. Ask me to send you my video of Roo jumping for a frisbee. 

The Golden Irish generally have a bit stockier build than the Irish Setter but with the Setter's deeper chest, slim waist and longer legs. They have less undercoat than Goldens. Their coat colors are shades ranging from copper to mahogany, with wonderful contrasting feathering. We are always tickled when we see that sly Golden Retriever smile show through too...

No one can guarantee that your perfect puppy will grow into your perfect adult dog. Crossing these two proven breeds removes some of the guesswork. Hybrid dogs often display admirable characteristics from the parent breeds and are less likely to suffer from the genetic problems associated with either parent breed. All of our first generation parents are AKC registered and OFA or PennHip certified. Our      puppies come with a one year health guarantee. 


We have puppies available here now, ready to come home. Call Chuck to arrange to meet your pup: (802) 388-4174.

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